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Tuesday August 22, 2017
Review: Edimax N300
by Bennett Ring | Jul 21, 2017 | Comment Now
Review: Edimax N300

You pay for what you get.

$19 AUD *

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2.4GHz support only; Access Point, Wi-Fi Extender and Wi-Fi Bridge modes; Ethernet out
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At just twenty bucks, this extender might appear to be amazing value for money. It’s tiny, take approximately one minute to set up, and looks like it has a decent feature set. There’s just one problem – performance is absolutely atrocious. 

The biggest issue is that this unit only supports the 2.4GHz spectrum; there’s no compatibility with 5GHz networks. It maxes out at 300Mbps in theory, but as you can see from our tests, it didn’t even come close. If you’ve got a router that offers a 5GHz network, this is definitely not the extender for you. As our benchmarks show, it was considerably slower than simply connecting to the router, as it couldn’t make use of the high-speed 5GHz network. 

It’s a shame, as in every other way this is a decent little unit, especially at such a ridiculously low price. As mentioned, it’s tiny, barely taking the space of a single power plug. It has no external antenna though, which could help explain the terrible performance. On the left side is an Ethernet port to hook up a single cabled device, while the front panel has a set of five diagnostic LEDs. As well as being configurable as an Extender, it can also be switched to Access Point or Wi-Fi Bridge modes. To do so you’ll need to log into the device via a web browser, and the interface was primitive to say the least. 

Set up was incredibly simple – just plug it in, hit the WPS button on the extender and router, and within a minute they’d both synched. Sadly, the performance was utterly woeful, a result of the fact it couldn’t make use of our 5GHz network. If you’re stuck with an older 2.4GHz router your results might be worth the incredibly low price, but for the rest of us, this extender is basically obsolete.

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