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Wednesday August 23, 2017
Review: Nest Cam
by Staff Writers | Jul 13, 2017 | Comment Now
Review: Nest Cam

Slick and simple, but it only truly excels if you subscribe to the extra features.

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A great connected camera, but the best features will cost you.

This app-controlled security cam is the latest addition to Nest’s smart home ecosystem, which already has a thermostat that learns when you actually need your house heated, and smoke detectors that send alerts straight to your smartphone. With one of these, you’ll be able to see your toast burning in real-time. 

Even as a standalone smartcam it can record all sound and motion – with sensitivity and accuracy enhanced if you subscribe to Nest Aware for $US10 a month. The speaker allows you to talk to whoever is in your house – scare a burglar, get the dog off the sofa or (more likely) annoy your nearest and dearest.

Nest’s app is as simple as they come, showing live previews and a three-hour snapshot of everything the Cam has spotted just a few taps away. Setup takes less than two minutes using your phone, and picture quality is top-notch - both during the day and at nighttime. 

Schedules mean you won’t be constantly recording yourself while you’re at home, and it does a pretty good job at recognising faces, too. No, you’re not paranoid, and yes, your neighbour is definitely stealing your morning paper. 

The only downside is that, while you get the last three hours recorded for free, a lot of fancy features like better sensor quality, zone monitoring and unlimited cloud storage are held back until you subscribe to Nest Aware. At $US100 a year, it ain’t cheap. It’s a bit like buying a Ferrari and having to pay monthly to go over 40mph.

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