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Tuesday August 22, 2017
Microsoft's recent Patch Tuesday addresses nearly 50 flaws
by Robert Abel | Aug 10, 2017 | Comment Now
That's a lot of bugs.
Microsoft's recent Patch Tuesday addresses nearly 50 flaws

Microsoft had a busy month patching flaws with nearly 50 security issues fixed, many of which have a severity rating of critical” or “important” with remote code execution vulnerabilities.

The updates also included a unique Linux patch as well. “This is the first time we have seen vulnerabilities patched on the Linux subsystem under Windows, Rapid7 Senior Manager Bobby McKeown told SC Media. Since its introduction, it was only a matter of time and CVE-2017-8627 (Dos) and CVE-2017-8622 (Privilege Escalation) are the first of their kind.” McKeown gave credit to Microsoft for patching a number of publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, including the CVE-2017-8633 privilege escalation issue with Windows Error Reporting. Other researchers noted that while it may seem like a vast number of issues where addressed it may not be as dramatic.

Windows 10 has an additional public disclosure (CVE-2017-8627), which is a flaw in Windows Subsystem for Linux that could allow a Denial of Service attack and could then be exploited by running a specially crafted file.

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