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Thursday August 17, 2017
Upgrade Australia returns to Sydney this September!
by David Hollingworth | Jul 24, 2017 | Comment Now
Sign up now for a night of PC hardware, gaming, prizes, and a mess of fun.
Upgrade Australia returns to Sydney this September!

If you’ve ever been to an Upgrade Australia event, you know what an incredible night it is – and we hope to see you at the next one! If you’ve never come along, and you’re in Sydney on the evening of September the 22nd, then we extend an invitation to attend a truly fun night where you get hands-on and close up with the very latest PC gear.

And on the 22nd of September this year, we're kicking off Upgrade Australia 6.0.

Leading PC and tech companies from around the world come to Upgrade Australia to display the coolest new gear and talk you through the awesomeness.

Upgrade Australia is Booty Central, with many attendees leaving with lovely freebies -- everything from cool gifts to seriously high end and valuable premium gear. If you’ve been to Upgrade Australia before you know how much of a highlight this is. We take no responsibility for any injuries caused when we throw goodies from the stage into the welcoming arms of the crowd!

You can also see the truly incredible state of the art PC mods built by some of the world’s top modders. You won’t believe your eyes, these things are truly beautiful and the craftsmanship and creativity must be seen to be believed.

And, as we did for the last Upgrade Australia in Melbourne, we'll be giving away THE BEAST - the most powerful PC we can build on the night!

So head along to the Upgrade Australia site, to learn more about what we have planned, when and where it is, and sign up for you and a friend!

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