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Thursday July 27, 2017
Mighty is an iPod Shuffle for your Spotify playlists
by Chris Rowland | Jul 14, 2017 | Comment Now
Offline audio for sporting sorts.
Mighty is an iPod Shuffle for your Spotify playlists

Remember when you used to use a dedicated MP3 player for your gym sessions? No texts or complexity, just you and your songs.

In the streaming era, that’s an impossibility born of download restrictions that even Spotify Premium subscribers can’t get around. Until now. Meet Mighty: a little US$86 square of streaming smarts, this Kickstarter-funded puck plays nicely with your paid-up Spotify account for offline listening without the smartphone, storing more than 1,000 of your favourite tunes away from the Wi-Fi.

It’ll pair with your favourite Bluetooth headphones, too, delivering up to five hours of sporting sound. And, unlike your precious mobile, it’s both drop-proof and water resistant.

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