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Wednesday July 26, 2017
Hyper PixelCast 82
by Tim Henderson | May 18, 2017 | Comment Now
This one is all about lineage, or --likes as we lazily called things. Older listeners may be able to recall when all FPS games were referred to as 'Doom clones', and that's kind of what this show is about - where things come from, and how older and younger generations relate to this.
Hyper PixelCast 82

This topic is Ken's brain-child, so send all complaints his way. But seriously, it is an interesting thing to mull over, and we hope that Matty B and Tim helped to make it an interesting podcast episode.

Please note that Hyper’s podcast comes with an explicit language warning. Those who are easily offended may wish to avoid listening.
You can download the podcast directly (.mp3 file) through the player below, but please also subscribe to the Cast on iTunes! That way, you will automatically download new episodes as soon as they’re live on the site. Alternatively, hit up the RSS feed.

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Games: DOOM, Killer Instinct, Prey
Music: Sub-Zero (by Arsenic 1987)
Theme Music: Visitors from Dreams (by Dma-sc)
Maybe Tim just doesn't like Tekken...

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