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Sunday July 23, 2017
Fujifilm's SQ10 is a square snapper of semi-retro smarts
by Chris Rowland | Apr 20, 2017 | Comment Now
Instagram, prepare to meet your maker.
Fujifilm's SQ10 is a square snapper of semi-retro smarts

Remember when everyone found Instagram’s imposition of a 1:1 image ratio annoying? Well, that’s how instant pictures used to be - and it’s the way Fuji’s US$280 Instax SQ10 makes them. Aim its CMOS sensor at something suitably edgy, line up your shot with the 3-inch LCD on the back and - snap! - you’ll have a pretty picture printed in a jiffy (post-filter, natch), on Fuji’s new film format, no less.

If you’re still hankering after digital, you can always stick a microSD card in to transfer your shots off the square - and, given that they’ll be the best Instax snaps to date, you might just want to.

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