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Wednesday August 23, 2017
Apple iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and Apple TV win over Twitter
by Staff Writer | Sep 14, 2015 | Comment Now
Sentiment analysis of people using the #AppleEvent hashtag shows positive response from Twitter spectators
Apple iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and Apple TV win over Twitter

In case you missed it, there was an Apple event last night. It was so momentous, in fact, that it got its own #AppleEvent hashtag, which the team were busily filling with news, commentary and quips. But what did people watching the drama unfold on Twitter make of the proceedings?

Well, a couple of companies specialising in the analysis of “social sentiment” were monitoring the audience, and have cast some light on that question.

What piqued their interest? Brandwatch notes that, ironically, it was the appearance of Microsoft on stage to demonstrate Microsoft Office that drew the most attention, with 2,100 tweets being sent in the minute that Kirk Koenigsbauer took to the stage to demonstrate it.

Still, a lot of tweets isn't necessarily a sign of something good, so what attracted the most praise? It was the Apple Pencil, according to Brandwatch.

In general, Amobee reckons that the sentiment was 19% positive, 10% negative and 71% neutral – though it's important to remember that the majority of those watching the event would presumably self-identify as Apple fans to some extent.

Still, Apple will be pleased to know that it's winning people over – even if it's their most evangelical fans. Brandwatch reckons that the number of people expressing an interest in buying Apple products “skyrocketed” after the event. Just 31 people announced their plans to buy an Apple TV last week, which shot to 305 after people saw its features being demonstrated. Intentions to buy an iPhone increased seven-fold, and the iPad nine-fold.

But don't read too much into this: you'd be pretty upset if the number of people interested in your product declined after you'd made a two hour sales pitch. However, with technology, winning over your hardcore fans to spread the word on your behalf is much of the battle. Mission accomplished, Apple.

Image: Gareth Heath, used under Creative Commons

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