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Thursday August 17, 2017
Dragon's Dogma arises on current gen this October
by Tim Henderson | Aug 11, 2017 | Comment Now
Well blow us down, we had completely forgotten that this particular remaster was in the works entirely.
Dragon's Dogma arises on current gen this October

Capcom has confirmed an October release date for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, the latest in what is starting to feel like the company's production line of re-releases.

We'll give this one a shout out, however, as Dragon's Dogma was one of the better games to go almost completely unnoticed during the previous console cycle. Considering that, and the fact that the announcement of the release date also served as a reminder that this project actually exists and, well, we're a bit worried about its fate. This has been a blinder of a year of game releases, and the final quarter of the year is looking to be just as big.

It does include all additional contend (appropriately titled Dark Arisen), though, so we at least feel it's something we will be able to recommend.

Hopefully some people buy it once it lands on the third of October, or a day or two around there, whenever it hits Australia.

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