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Tuesday August 22, 2017
Queerly Represent Me releases new podcast and interview series
by David Hollingworth | Aug 10, 2017 | Comment Now
Discover the best in queer games, and learn about people's experience in the industry.
Queerly Represent Me releases new podcast and interview series

Queerly Represent Me is the brainchild of Hyper writer Alayna Cole, and a fantastic queer gaming collective and research hub (you can read about a QRM panel at last year's PAX here). It's also just launched some fantastic new projects.

First up is a regular, book-club-style podcast series, where QRM members Jess (also a good friend of Hyper) and Saf talk up a 'game of the month' alongside a special guest. The podcast kicks off by talking about Life is Strange.

A new interview series aims to talk to and support the work of queer folks working the games industry, from people just entering the space to long-term veterans. This is a weekly series, with new interviews published each Wednesday.

And if you like what you're hearing and reading, you can help support QRM by signing up to its Patreon. These are good voices, worth getting behind.

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