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Thursday August 17, 2017
Pack your power-armour - Fantasy Flight announces Fallout: The Boardgame
by David Hollingworth | Aug 9, 2017 | Comment Now
And yes - you can play a Ghoul in a natty vest.
Pack your power-armour - Fantasy Flight announces Fallout: The Boardgame

I have a love-hate relationship with Fantasy Flight Games. Admittedly, it's mostly love, and the hate bit is directly tied into the thing that I actually love most about FFG's games. They're often very well-produced, with an array of markers and bits that not only enhance gameplay, but are mechanical aspects of the games themselves.

This is cool. But it also means that setting up and pack down an FFG game is one hell of a lengthy process.

But, you know, for Fallout: The Boardgame, I may be willing to make that time investment.

The game lets you and up to three others (yes, it can be played solo!) take on the Wasteland, either cooperatively or on your own. There are five base-characters - which look to be a ghoul, super-mutant, vault-dweller, wastelander, and Brotherhood outcast - which come with their own miniature, and a gameboard for tracking health and rads, skill specialities, and XP. You can collect equipment cards allies (including Dogmeat), and the gameboard itself is semi-random - a series of hexes built around the scenario's main location.

Each of the game's four scenarios also includes two factions, and as you play the game you can join or defy these factions, but be careful - when one comes to dominate the Wasteland, it's game over - unless you win first.

Fallout: The Boardgame will be released later this year.

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