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Friday July 28, 2017
MSI reveals 14-phase X299 XPOWER GAMING AC motherboard
by David Hollingworth | Jul 12, 2017 | Comment Now
The X is for XTREME! The AC is NOT for air-conditioning.
MSI reveals 14-phase X299 XPOWER GAMING AC motherboard

MSI's new motherboard is a performance beast, aimed at overclocking enthusiasts and high-end gamers. The new X299 XPOWER GAMING AC almost looks like the kind of motherboard Ironman's pal Warmachine might use - it's all gun-metal grey and black, with a glowing reactor-like M.2 Shield circular heatsink. 

But it has more than looks on its side.

The board boasts an impress 14-phase (that's 12 plus one plus one) power design, along with Loadline Calibration for the most powerful of Intel's Core X processors. Titanium Choke II and Military Class 6 components further boost the board's ability to deliver maximum performance.

There's also the obligatory LEDs for your pimped out gaming rig, and X299 XPOWER GAMING AC has Mystic Light RGBs that you can program to you heart's delight, along with the ability to 3D print new board components such as video card supports and fan stands, making the XPOWER GAMING AC even more unique.

Connectivity is via Dual Intel LAN and an Intel Wireless AC card, while MSI Gaming LAN Manager lets you optimise your connection for better performance. Sound is delivered via an isolated audio PCB powered by Nahimic 2+ and Audio Boost 4. And included PCIe expansion card offers even more M.2 connectivity, allowing the storage-hungry add up to five M.2 SSDs to their build.

It is, basically, a monster of a motherboard.


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