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Thursday July 27, 2017
The state of the case: Let’s see what’s out there
David Hollingworth | Feb 5, 2015
The state of the case: Let’s see what’s out there
David Hollingworth takes a look at a slice of the current PC case market. If you’re looking for a new chassis, you might find it here.

W ith the exception of peripherals like mice and keyboards, one of the fastest moving areas of product releases is the PC case market.

It’s actually kind of odd when you think about it, too, because a good case will likely last longer than just about any component inside it. New chipsets won’t invalidate a case design, though growing video card sizes could be a factor. Similarly, motherboards are effectively unchanging, again, with the exception that you can now get a lot more power out of micro-ATX form-factors, which has certainly seen a lot of good new case designs built around that smaller overall footprint, yet still look powerful.

But while you probably don’t need to upgrade your case every time you upgrade your system, a change can be as good as a holiday, and cases are relatively cheap after all – it also means that, for a complete system upgrade, you can then basically pass your old machine on to a friend or family member.

And there really is a huge variety of cases to choose from at the moment, from towers to micro-ATX cubes, to... well, some of the more budget-oriented case-makers do like to draw attention to themselves with some interesting and individual design choices. 

Regardless, no matter what you are actually looking for, there’s a case out there for you. This is a selection of different designs and form-factors from a range of companies, and suitable for a range of builds and budgets. Not to mention styles...

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