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Thursday August 17, 2017
Accelerate your IT career
by Staff Writers | Aug 7, 2017 | Comment Now
Sponsored: The online Master of IT Management course at Southern Cross University is a fast track to leadership in IT.
Accelerate your IT career

Feel like your career in IT is sitting still? Want to move up into management or improve your team leading skills? Southern Cross University's Master of Information Technology Management can provide you with the skills required to combine your IT knowledge with business objectives and allow you to step into senior management positions with a deeper understanding of the issues impacting businesses today and how IT can solve them.

Learn to manage people

Honing your skills as a leader and learning how to apply your knowledge to meet strategic, organisational goals is vital to success in IT management. Upon completion of this structured and rewarding course, you'll have developed key strengths in project management, stakeholder management and leadership -- key skills in demand across the entire IT sector.

You will explore a diverse range of leadership styles, and take on a reflective approach to establish your personal strengths, goals and help to forming your personal leadership model.

Fill the gap between IT and business

As modern businesses become reliant on effective IT systems to operate and succeed, IT professionals are considered critical for business success, whether as a company employee, independent consultant or contractor. The ability to interpret business needs, apply available technologies and processes whilst forging a connection between the IT and wider business departments will drive your career forward.

Subjects you'll cover in the Master of Information Technology Management include:

  • Data Management
  • Emerging Technology in Business
  • Information Systems Analysis and Design
  • Information Systems Security Management
  • Project Management Principles
  • Managing Information Systems
  • Strategy and Case Analysis
  • Managing Digital Enterprise
  • Strategic Knowledge Management
  • Leading and Managing People

You will also complete a double-weighted research project. This enables you to not only understand the research methods behind reports, but also use this knowledge to develop your own report and presentation skills and provides hands-on experience while still studying.

Study while you work

The studies are untaken entirely online. So, there’s no campus to drive to or lectures to sit through. Study after hours or even on the clock if you've got a kind boss. Units are delivered by tech-savvy academics via a fresh, smart, collaborative and interactive interface via a bespoke learning platform.

Southern Cross University's interactive learning environment delivers content to you in all sorts of ways including video, audio and hands-on practical exercises, and suits a variety of learning types. As well as being connected to your peers and academics, you'll have your own dedicated Student Success Advisor to assist you through your online study journey, starting from the time you contact us, through to your graduation.

One subject at a time

Six seven-week study periods each year let you to study part-time, and you can finish your degree in two years. This flexibility lets you adapt your enrolment to the peaks and troughs of your life by choosing which blocks to study in. Take a break then resume in the next study period! It's perfect for people who travel frequently, work abroad or need to balance work and family commitments.

Each unit has its own website to keep you focused. Every week, you'll find activities, readings and case studies laid out with step by step instructions. As the weeks progress and your knowledge deepens, you'll be challenged by increasingly sophisticated concepts, and employ critical analysis.

One of the best things about Southern Cross University's online learning platform and flexible schedule is the ability to focus on one unit at a time to consolidate your learning. This format makes it ideal for those who have been out of an academic setting for a long period of time. There's no need to sacrifice your lifestyle to achieve a strong academic outcome.

Southern Cross University is a pioneer in Australian online education, with over 20 years of accredited experience and more than 5,000 students enrolled each year in online courses, Southern Cross University can get your career on the move. Visit scu.edu.au now to read more about the subjects that make up the Master of Information Technology Management and how to apply.

Find out more and discover how to accelerate your IT and business career.

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