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Thursday July 27, 2017
Friday Linky Links: Superheroic edition
by Ewa Grygier | Mar 10, 2017 | Comment Now
A whole mess of superheroes, a super hero from your not-so-recent past, and a super heroic weekend project in this weeks pop-culture round-up.
Friday Linky Links: Superheroic edition

It’s Friday afternoon, which means it’s time for fun, frivolity and, of course, the Very Serious Business of Star Wars News. Thankfully, it’s a week of the year, so there’s plenty of that about. This week a meeting of Disney Shareholders got to see some of the first footage of the eighth instalment of The Greatest Franchise On Earth. Not a shareholder? That’s okay. They also invited some reporters to make sure us plebs got juuuust enough information to get all speculative and excited for a trailer.

And because Star Wars is basically every kid’s dream, it’s not surprising that the newest generation of child actors is making their own ambitions known. This week Milly Bobby Brown — Stranger Things’ Eleven — has told a Comic-con that she wants to grow up to be Princess Leia. Don’t we all, though?

In superhero movie news, there’s a new Deadpool 2 short! It’s not a trailer. Or a teaser. Or footage from the film, which is still in the relatively early stages of production. But it’s something, and it’s funny (…phew!) and slightly NSFW and chock-full of Easter Eggs, all of which are explained here, for the less carefully observant among us. One in particular has caught the attention of Whedonites everywhere, and while they’re pretty sure it doesn’t mean anything, they are not-so-secretly a little bit hopeful that it does.

Unlike Deadpool 2, which is still a long, long way off, Thor: Ragnarok is a real tangible thing we can all smell — and after this week, see — coming. A US magazine cover has revealed Thor’s new look, complete with a nice mostly-sensible haircut and new weapons. We’ve also got our first look at Cate Blanchett’s dark-haired Hela, but that and everything else was forgotten the second the internet cast eyes on Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster. Shiny. So shiny.

Over in the DC Universe, word is that we’re going to get a Wonder Woman trailer any second now. In the meantime, this is a great in-depth interview with Director Patty Jenkins about the process of getting this movie made, her influences, setting the movie in World War One and some interesting thoughts on the representation of women in movies and how that’s changed in the thirteen years Wonder Woman has been on her mind.

It sounds like not everyone is excited about the DC Universe though, with Ant-Man and The Wasp’s Evangeline Lilly taking a shot at DC films for taking themselves too seriously. I’m not saying she has a point, but I’m also not saying she doesn’t have a point. I mean, we’ve all seen The Dark Knight, right?

Just to show that Marvel is capable of seriousness too, one film-maker has created a very serious tribute to Hugh Jackman’s seventeen years as Wolverine. How serious, you ask? Set to a Johnny Cash song serious, is how. Which is to say: serious. Perhaps even moving. Or touching. It’s also a good reminder that if you haven’t seen Logan yet, you should probably put that on your weekend’s to-do list.

Over in the world of small screen superheroes, there’s a Supergirl and The Flash crossover episode just around the corner. And what’s more, it’s a musical! Thanks to La La Land and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and the fact that it’s been long enough for us to mostly forget about Glee, Musicals are back, baby! If you’re on #teamjazzhands, here are some stills to whet your appetite even more. (And yes, I’m well aware that using stills to sell a musical episode is kind of… missing something, but I work with what I have).

Speaking of musical episodes, you know who did one before they were cool? Buffy The Vampire Slayer, which premiered twenty years ago today. Which means nineteen years and eleven months ago today you were probably giving your friend the side-eye and saying something like ‘Wasn’t that a terrible Luke Perry movie?’ while rolling your eyes at the terrible name and deciding they pulling your leg. And nineteen years and ten months ago you were the friend telling someone else that it was a Luke Perry movie but the TV show is way, way better and they should definitely watch it. Of course, because it’s 2017 and it’s the twentieth anniversary of something, the internet has come through with a whole pile of thinkpieces for you to read and reflect on your rapidly disappearing youth and your even-more-rapidly approaching doom. The AV Club alone has come up with a whole week of Buffy goodness, so get reading! And then buy the official licensed merchandise. (And then go re-watch the show, obviously!)

Things you won’t be doing this weekend? Watching Denis Villeneuve’s Dune remake. You probably won’t be doing that next weekend either. Or the weekend after that or the one after that or… you get the picture. It’s happening, and it’s probably (hopefully) going to be great, but it’s a long, long way off. So maybe put a little sandworm in your calendar for sometime in 2019.

Not as far away is the premiere of the seventh season of Game of Thrones. HBO announced the date, and dropped a not-very-telling teaser trailer, this morning in a live Facebook event that was mostly footage of a block of ice melting. In case you missed it, and have better things to do than watch the only thing that takes more time than paint drying, all your favourite anti-heroes will be back on July 16th.

And, finally, if you’ve seen Logan and rewatched all your favourite episodes of Buffy and read all the think pieces and still have a few hours to kill this weekend, how about a craft project? With little more than a drill, a hot-glue gun and a 3d printer, Baby Groot could be yours. If you’re super-bored, why not make two? Perch Devil baby Groot and Angel baby Groot on your shoulders and let them help you with all of life’s tough decisions.

Or just watch more Buffy. Same same. See you next week! 

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