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Thursday July 27, 2017
The mystery of the Samsung Galaxy S III
by Lucy Hedges | Jan 19, 2012 | Comment Now
Review the evidence.
The mystery of the Samsung Galaxy S III

Could this be the third iteration of Samsung's uber popular flagship phone – the Galaxy S III? Or is this just another case of hyped-up web gossip driven by impatient desperation to feast our eyes on Samsung's newest flagship phone?

Speculation went up a notch when a mystery handset appeared in Samsung's very own CES 2012 highlights video (see below). Keep watching till around the seven minute mark and the enigmatic (and rather sizeable) handset can be spotted showing off Samsung's Viewfinder app.

In true Galaxy S style, the starring handset looks to have taken its design cues from the iPhone 4 and 4S – so it has a similar shape to the Galaxy S II. But its size seems more akin to the 5.3in Galaxy Note – unless it's all just an illusion and the actor has abnormally small hands.

We're suspicious of the battery indicator icon, as it's not very Android-esque. But it could very well be the camera's mirrored user interface and not the phone's. We're liking the oversized edge-to-edge screen, though.

So what do you think? The real deal, or just a load of hype? Whatever the outcome, we're likely to find out what Samsung's cooking up during Mobile World Congress, which takes place at the end of February.

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